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Shirt Project – 2015

The goal of project ‘ Yes’ is to create a social interactive product that encourages kids to play and experiment more. As a teenager, we were often disciplined by adults and forbidden to do certain actions. The term ‘no’ was often delivered with negative mentality. Thus, rather than discouraging kids and refraining them from experiencing, I wanted to stimulate their positivity, through my garments by exerting the idea of ‘Yes, you can do it, or yes you are right!’

Throughout my development, I experimented with gridded cross words and the kids approach in building a pillow tent. Which lead to my creation of gather with hidden message infused within the pulling strings. Whilst making shirt details like pocket and cuff with multiple functional and non-functional features.

The outcome of my garment is an interchangeable design that allow kids to pull the string on every lines of the grid to create new shapes whilst peeling and sticking velcro shapes and pocket on the surface.

All the materials that were use in the final outcome were completely hand dyed.

Art Direction: Samson Leung
Camera: Amy Dang
Art Direction: Samson Leung
Photographer: Lucy Feng
Retouch: Felix Steindl
Model: Claire Köster